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Mumsy, I Had The Most Frightful Podcast


Welcome to Mumsy, I Had The Most Frightful Podcast! This is a Riverdale Fancast created by Davide and Fiona, two sexy idiots who pretend this is a show about Cheryl Blossom.

Dec 10, 2020

In this episode: the difference between a himbo and a sex idiot, davide quits podcasting forever, the sudden onset hockey fandom phenomena, two former indoor children desperately attempt to work out sports discussions, did everyone else know falice sounds exactly like phallus? cause we just worked it out after two...

Nov 13, 2020

Friends, we did record this episode in July, so please understand that going in.

In this episode: A wild guest appears! Our very own Sam Cutting is on this episode! Panopticon chat, raccoon dogs in Denmark, we review the greatest hits of Cheryl and Betty, Small Boy is here, money greases the wheels of power, Yer Baby,...

Oct 31, 2020

In this special halloween episode: fiona's guide to the history of jump scares, connecting with charles melton's pr team on bumble, fiona takes you to myspace, we somehow bring it back to tall boy, we're both too sexy to know about star wars, ASMR RP: your elderly relative vainly tries to navigate ao3 tags despite it...

Jul 12, 2020


In this episode: the logistics of hook hand masturbation, places hal can't pee, hiram lodge's adoption scheme, fiona's guide to the tokyo gay scene, penelope's mirrored sex sphere, with a heavy heart: balls copter and of course...cheryl


(sorry for the LONG gap)

Apr 18, 2020

So this time FIONA was depressed and took almost four months to edit.  This episode was recorded in the Before Times so enjoy our blissful ignorance of all things virus-related.


In this episode: an earnest discussion of Cats 2019 way past the date where it's cool to talk about Cats 2019, hook hands, fucking to keep...